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Coronavirus - Covid-19

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Follow this link for government advice

While the deadly threat of Coronavirus / Covid-19 continues and sadly claim more lives Business services to peoples homes have been severly affected, our business is serving homes but at a drastically reduced rate.


We know it is frustrating to try and organise gas and heating services to your home whilst this pandemic is carrying on, we are trying to protect ourselves but also YOU and your families as we have very high principals and highly regard peoples lives.


Know this, 'you do not have to be suffering from this virus, each time a home visit is carried out, the virus could well be passed on to you from another home without any knowledge of it', this virus can be spread even if you DO NOT have the symptoms.


This virus is deadly, we will only visit your homes during this pandemic if deemed safe, we will only for Emergencies such as Gas or Boiler breakdowns, or Gas Boiler Servicing, 'IF SAFE TO DO SO', using strict Coronavirus  Government Guidlines.


If we visit your home, keep 2 mtrs away from us at all times, wear a mask, clean the area you expect us to work in before and after our work, ventilate the workspace. Do not offer drinks or expect to shake hands.


if you contact us we will make arrangements carefully to attend your home, we will use sanitiser, gloves and masks and clean the work area around our working space, we will work in a well ventilated area, we will observe social distancing, there will be safe disposal of rubbish from work, PAYMENTS ARE TO BE ONLINE DIRECT BANKING (while on-site), and / or Card Payment.


This week commencing 4th January 2021 the Government is implementing stricter controls and precautionary measures for close contact inside work in homes and businesses, this will severely restrict our business more, this virus is getting worse it has not gone away, Virus cases are rising again.


When this horrible situation calms down, and Government advice changes  please get in touch to arrange your installations and servicing. Kind Regards,  Mr Carl Gleeson (Business Owner). Stay safe, Stay well.